The 5 Qualities Every Designer should have

August 26, 2019

So, the time has come to invest in developing a brand identity for your business. 

As great as it is to have so many options in terms of design expertise to work with, it can be confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out which designer will be the perfect fit for the job. 

Perhaps you begin with Pinterest as a starting point for finding the perfect designer. Perhaps you scroll through instagram, or do a good old fashioned google search. You see plenty of different options for designers that you could work with to develop your brand. 

But what qualities do you need to look out for to be sure that you and your designer are the perfect match?

Let me give you my secret checklist that I always use when deciding who I want to invest in to develop and grow my business. You can use this list not only to help you choose a brand designer, but it also applies to selecting any other service provider!

My Top Secret Checklist for Choosing Service Providers:


Do they understand my business in depth? Can they put themselves in my shoes, and see my pain points and needs? If your designer / service provider doesn’t really understand what you do, why you do it, and what you struggle with, chances are they aren’t really going to be equipped to help you. 


Can the designer / service provider produce work that will appeal to your target market? What work have they produced before? Is this readily available for you to assess? Is the work of a commercial quality, or a little amateur? 


Is the designer / service provider consistent in their message and positioning? Do they come across the same on a number of different platforms, such as instagram, their website, and the email marketing? If they are consistent in their own messaging, chances are that they will produce strong, consistent work for you. 


Do you trust that this service provider to produce work that will give you the right RESULT? For example, can your designer develop a brand for you that is sophisticated and professional? Always check for results based testimonials on the service provider’s website / socials.


Does your designer / service provider develop works from a strategic viewpoint? There is no point developing a pretty brand, for example, if there is no underlying strategy that will actually set you apart. The same goes for any other service such as photography, social media management etc. What is the underlying goals and strategy behind the work, and can they meet these goals?

Want a more detailed checklist by industry? CLICK HERE to download!

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