Reflections on Growing a Self-Care E-Comm Business with Daniella Elias

October 8, 2019

In mid 2019, I had the pleasure of working alongside Daniella Elias, Founder of Amity Created – A gorgeous online store centred around self care. Amity Created provides custom designed teacups, crystals, books and self care products that give women permission to pause, and take time out from their busy lives. Over the past 3.5 years, Amity Created has matured, and it was time for a new brand identity that reflected this exciting new chapter for the brand. I took some time out to chat to Daniella about her experiences growing Amity, her tips for women in biz, and what’s next for Amity!

Hi Daniella! I’m so glad we get this chance to catch up! Could you tell me a bit about why you became an entrepreneur, and what the initial vision was for your business?

I worked in a fast paced, high pressure teaching job for 5 years before Amity. The pressure and stress during that time made me reflect on the importance of including self-care in our routines. After looking around and realising that the women around me and in my community were just as overworked and exhausted, I made it my mission to spread the message of our personal worth and making self-care a priority.

Have you faced any challenges along the way? What was this like for you?

YES! Who in business hasn’t faced challenges?! I was a teacher, so creating a product, going through the manufacturing processes and learning the basics of business was literally a whole new world. So many challenges popped up and in fact, they still pop up, but each challenge contains a lesson and each lesson helps us grow. So I’m really grateful for the challenges.

How did you overcome these challenges?

Each challenge is different, but I have learnt to take deep breaths before reacting, let out any emotion that is building up, then jump straight into strategising how to move forward. I’ve found that wallowing in amongst the hard part of a challenge is toxic and not worth keeping around.

What is it that you enjoy the most about what you do?

I absolutely LOVE creating, I love designing and it is so rewarding to see people fall in love with the things I pour my heart into.

Often, embarking on a branding journey marks the new chapter in the life of a business, or the new beginning of a business. I’d love to know what’s happening for you right now in your journey, and why you decided to embrace this new season of business!

Amity is maturing and with that is getting a little bit of a makeover. New image, new products, same love! I think change is often something that people avoid, but for me and Amity, it was time to embrace the growth.

If you could give women in business one piece of advice, what would that be?

At some point we all burn out, try to recognise the signs of your own fatigue and schedule in regular breaks.

Is there anything exciting on the horizon for Amity Created?

My mug line, ‘Soul Whispers’ has just been released and I am so so proud of them! SO much love and good energy has been poured into them, from the design to the poetry, they really do capture the little loving voices we all contain within.

Is it time to give yourself permission to pause? Check out Amity Created’s gorgeous range of Self-Care products, including the new fine bone china Soul Whispers mugs here!

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