Daniella Elias

Self Care Coach

Daniella was looking to create a brand identity for her self care coaching business that was feminine, minimal, and welcoming. There also needed to be some correlation between this new brand identity, and her existing product based business that sells teacups and self care products, Amity Created. 

The Brand Identity

Warm, inviting, Feminine, Minimal

We created an aesthetic that was inspired by the curves of the feminine body. Soft, abstract lines and texture, warm afternoon shadows, imagery that alludes to time by oneself reading or journalling, embodiment practices and the space to think.

Soft neutral colours that tie in with the Amity branding without looking the same.


Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Style Guide
Colour palette
social media templates
production quality print repeats

Daniella's Testimonial

I absolutely LOVED working with Marielle. She was able to channel exactly what I was after and provided me with so much more value than I could have imagined. Her service is professional, inspired and high quality. I totally recommend and would work with her again - in fact, I have already re-booked another branding design session with her for a separate brand. If it's out of 5 stars, I give it a 6.

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